Aki's Aipom
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Debuts in The Normal Tournament Begins!
Obtained at Vermilion City
Gender Female
Ability Unknown
Current location In Vermilion City Pokemon Center


This Pokemon has not evolved. 

Aki's Aipom is the first rental Pokemon Aki obtained. Aki rented her during the Normal Tournament.  


Aipom debuted in The Normal Tournament Begins! when Aki was looking for a Normal-type Pokemon for the Normal Tournament in the Pokemon Center. Right after she came out of her Pokeball, she started playing with them. Seeing her energetic personality, Aki chose her for the tounament. 

Later, she was send out to battle Alice's Boldore after Charmander was defeated. During the battle, she learned Focus Punch and quickly defeated Boldore. She then battled Alice's Timburr but was defeated due to the type-disadvantage. 

Aipom's real battling spirit was shown in Slow as a Slaking! She was first chosen to battle Norman's Spinda. Although Spinda managed to confuse her with Dizzy Punch, Aipom easily defeated her with a single Focus Punch.

She then battled Norman's Vigoroth. Viogorth too was defeated by Aipom after a clash of Focus Punches. She didn't seem to be tired after two wins and went on to battle Norman's powerful Slaking. Although she managed to land a super-effective Focus Punch, she was defeated by a single Blizzard from Slaking. 

Aipom's last battle was against Cheren in the finals of the Normal Tournament. She battled Cheren's Cinccino which proved tough since Aipom's Attract proved useless as Cinccino was also a girl. But Aipom managed to defeat her after a clash of her Focus Punch and Cinccino's Focus Blast. She then battled Cheren's Lillipup who proved to be a powerful opponent. Aipom was defeated when her Focus Punch was overpowered by Lillipup's Giga Impact. 

After the tournament, Aki returned Aipom and Togekiss back to Nurse Joy according to the rules of PWC. Before parting, they shared a teary moment. 


Aki's Aipom is shown to be very energetic and playful. When let out of her Pokeball, she quickly jumps on to Aki's head. In battle she is shown to be fearless yet playful. She usually plays tricks on her foes to confuse them and then take them out with Focus Punch. 

Moves usedEdit


First used in

EP524 Aipom usando puño certero

Using Focus Punch

Swift The Normal Tournament Begins!
Focus Punch The Normal Tournament Begins!
Attract The Normal Tournament Begins!
Double Team Slow as a Slaking!
Bold indicated moves that were recently used by this Pokemon


  • Aipom's attitude is very similar Dawn's Ambipom when she was an Aipom from the anime series. 
  • In her last appearance, she was at Lv. 25.