Aki's Charmander
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Debuts in A New Friend and A New Enemy!
Caught at Kanto Route 6
Gender Male
Ability Blaze
Current location With Aki

This Pokemon has not evolved. 

Aki's Charmander was the second Pokemon Aki caught. He caught it before the Normal Tournament in Kanto. 



Charmander debuted in A New Friend and A New Enemy! A Trainer named Z was trying to capture him with his Deino. Deino had beaten him brutally. Aki and Flame passed by and saw this. They tried to defend Charmander by battling Z. Although they lost, Z left Charmander saying it was weak. 

Aki then asked if he would like to join his team, which it happily accepted. He willingly let himself get captured by Aki. Charmander also sparked a rivalry with Z's Deino. 

Later, in the first round of Normal Tournament, he battled and defeated Alice's Tranquil before losing to her Boldore. 

In Slow as a Slaking!, he was Aki's last Pokemon used againt Norman's Slaking, after it defeated all his other Pokemon. He managed to weaken the Lazy Pokemon with his Flamethrower. He then tried a Dig attack which Slaking tried to to counter with a super-effective Earthquake. But Charmander was battle dodge the move by jumping onto Slaking. When Slaking used Rest and went ot sleep, Charmander dug into the ground and created a network of tunnels below Slaking. After he came out the ground, he was hit by powerful Hammer Arm from Slaking and crashed into the wall of the battlefield. But Slaking was defeated when the ground crashed from Charmander's several Dig attacks. Although he won the battle, Charmander was severly injured and Aki rushed him to Pokemon Center. 

In the Pokemon Center, Nurse Joy revealed that Charmander's left arm is fractured and that he can't battle for a few weeks. Since then, Charmander retreated from Aki's main battling team. 


Charmander used to be timid and weak before he joined Aki's team. His personality went under a great change after he joined Aki. He changed from being timid and weak to fierce and strong. He always challenged bigger foes, even those he had a type-disadvantage against. All these could mean that he wants to prove himself to Aki. 

Charmander is a friendly Pokemon, much like Flame. He is shown to love playing with Flame. 

Moves UsedEdit


First used in

Using Flamethrower
Ember The Normal Tournament Begins!
Flamethrower The Normal Tournament Begins!
Dig The Normal Tournament Begins!
Bold indicated moves that were recently used by this Pokemon


  • Aki confirmed that Charmander would eventually become a Charizard. 
  • Although he has been revealed to know Ember, Charmander has yet to use it.