Aki's Sawk
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Debuts in Knock his Sawks off!
Obatained at Saffron City
Gender Male
Ability Unknown
Current location With Aki


This Pokemon has not evolved. 

Aki's Sawk is Aki's third rental Pokemon and the one he used throughtout the Fighting Tournament. 


Sawk debuted in Knock his Sawks off! when Aki was looking for a Pokemon to use in the Fighting Tournament. When he was released out of his Pokeball, he was meditating. When he saw Aki, he stopped his meditation and quickly bowed before the young Trainer. Seeing his politeness and strength, Aki chose him as his rental Pokemon. 

Quickly after getting his Pokemon, Aki decided to train Sawk. They then met Z who ended up battling them. Sawk battled Z's Deino who was extremely powerful for Sawk to handle. Sawk was finally defeated by a super-effective Zen Headbutt from Deino. 

Sawk had his first official battle in Fight till the End! where he battled Kiyo's Hitmonlee in the first round of the Fighting Tournament. After suffering from a direct hit, Sawk used Bulk Up to increase his strength and to heal himself. Although he tried to keep a distance from his opponent, Hitmonlee used his extendable leg to kick Sawk in the stomach. But Sawk suprised everyone by catching a powerful High Jump Kick with nothing but his hands. He then finished off Hitmonlee with Brick Break and Close Combat. 

Sawk's next battle was in Gotta beat that Lucario! when he battled an Emboar in the second round. After dodging a Body Slam from Emboar, he countered with a Karate Chop to Emboar's arm which severly weakened it. He then caught Emboar's Hammer Arm with his hands and finished it off with Close Combat. 

Later, Sawk battled Maylene's Lucario in the third round. Lucario was a tough opponent for Sawk to handle. After getting hit by Lucario several times, Sawk got severely damaged. He was about to be declared as unable to battle by the referee, but Aki interrupted saying that Sawk could still battle. This encouraged Sawk to get up and battle again. He then followed Aki's strategy by attacking Lucario's feet at close range. Sawk then attacked Lucario's shoulder with a Karate Chop and then finished it off with Close Combat. 


Sawk is calm and quiet when left alone. He usually meditates to sharpen his mind. He is also shown to be very polite. When let out to battle, he first bows before his opponent and then takes a Karate pose. He is also shown to have became good friends with Flame. 

In battle, Sawk is fierce and strategic. He usually attacks his opponent's weak spots to gain the upperhand. He usually uses Close Combat to finish a battle. 



First used in

Sawk karatechop

Using Karate Chop

Brick Break Knock his Sawks off!
Low Sweep Knock his Sawks off!
Bulk Up Fight till the End!
Close Combat Fight till the End!
Karate Chop Gotta beat that Lucario!
Bold indicated moves that were recently used by this Pokemon


  • Sawk's Bulk Up has shown the ability to heal him along with increasing his strength.