Aki's Togekiss
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Debuts in The Togekiss of Life!
Obtained at Vermilion City
Gender Female
Ability Serene Grace
Current location In Vermilion City Pokemon Center


This Pokemon is fully evolved. 

Aki's Togekiss is the second rental Pokemon Aki obtained. Aki obtained her during the Normal Tournament after Charmander got hurt.  


Togekiss debuted in The Togekiss of Life! After Aki's Charmander was badly injured in battle, Aki had to get a new Pokemon for the finals of the Normal Tournament. While they were looking for a Pokemon in the Pokemon Center Storage Room, Flame spot her Pokeball and climbed the shelf to get it. After getting the Pokeball, Flame slipped and fell off from shelf. But Togekiss came out of her Pokeball and caught him just in time. Seeing her grace and style, Aki decided to take her for the finals as his third Pokemon. 

Right after he got her, Aki decided to train her for the finals. Together, they defeated a number of Trainers. They then spot Cheren training and battled. Togekiss battled Cheren's Stoutland and learned Aura Sphere during the battle. The battle was then called off by Lenora. 

She was later called out again to battle Stoutland in the finals. The battle was much like the battle they had before. After a few exchanges of attacks, both Pokemon were worn down. In a final clash of combo attacks, Togekiss fell down in grace which made Cheren the winner of the battle. 

After the tournament, Aki returned Togekiss and Aipom back to Nurse Joy according to the rules of PWC. Before parting, they shared a teary moment. 


Much like her species, Togekiss has shown to be graceful and noble. She batttles with elegance and style. She also acts as a mother to her friends like when she consoled Flame in her debut. 

Moves usedEdit


First used in

220px-Togekiss Air Slash
Using Air Slash
Extreme Speed The Togekiss of Life!
Protect The Togekiss of Life!
Aura Sphere The Togekiss of Life!
Sky Attack Raining Cats and Stoutlands!
Air Slash Raining Cats and Stoutlands!
Bold indicated moves that were recently used by this Pokemon

Move improvisedEdit

  • Spinning Aura Attack was used in the final round battle against Cheren's Stoutland. Togekiss spins elegantly and then shoots an Aura Sphere into the sky. She then flies high above the sphere and comes down spinning while using Sky Attack. While coming down, she passes through the Aura Sphere, fusing its energy to her Sky Attack. This makes her to become covered in bluish aura while spinning. It was used in Raining Cats and Stoutlands!


  • Togekiss knows all four moves a Togekiss learns via leveling-up. 
  • She created a bit of confusion among readers about her typing as Nintendo released the new Fairy-type in Pokemon X and Y. Togekiss, among other Pokemon, had their typing changed to include Fairy-type. 
  • In her last appearance, she was at Lv. 30.