150px-Ruby Sapphire Lady

Official Art from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald

Age 17
Eye Color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Region Unova
Trainer class Trainer (Lady)

Alice is a Trainer who entered in the Normal Tournament. 


Alice first appeared in The Normal Tournament Begins!. She was Aki's first opponent in round 1 in the Normal Tournament. Although she put a good fight, she eventually lost and was eliminated from the Tournament. 

She later entered the Fighting tournament with her Gurdurr, who had evolved from her Timburr. But she was defeated by Mr. Psychic in the second round. 


This is a list of battles Alice had: 

Opponent Result Style Chapter Notes
Aki Lose 3-on-3 The Normal Tournament Begins! Normal Tournament
Mr. Psychic Lose 1-on-1 Gotta Beat that Lucario! Fighting Tournament


These are the Pokemon Alice has on hand: 

220px-Alice Gurdurr
220px-Trip Timburr
Timburr  → Gurdurr

Timburr is Alice's most used Pokemon. He first appeared as a Timburr in The Normal Tournament Begins! where he was the final Pokemon used against Aki. He easily defeated Aipom with his raw power. He then battled Flame. His main defense, his log, was burned into ashes by Flame's newly learned Incinerate. Without any defense, he was easily defeated by Flame. 

He later appeared during the Fighting tournament as a Gurdurr. He was Alice's chosen Pokemon for the tournament. But he lost against Mr. Psychic's Gallade in the second round. In his final appearance, he was at Lv. 28. 


The Normal Tournament Begins! Moves known Low Kick, Strength, Dynamic Punch, Drain Punch
Alice Tranquill small

Tranquill was the first Pokemon used against Aki. She battled his Charmander. Although she put a good fight with its speed and power, she was eventually defeated when her own Gust tornado was set on fire by Charmander's Flamethrower. In her last appearance, she was at Lv. 22. 

Debut The Normal Tournament Begins! Moves known Aerial Ace, Air Cutter, Gust
250px-Alice Boldore

Boldore was the second Pokemon sent against Aki. He battled Charmander and easily defeated him. He then battled Aipom who learned Focus Punch during the battle and defeated Boldore in the process. In his last appearance, he was at Lv. 25. 

Debut The Normal Tournament Begins! Moves known Rock Blast, Rock Throw, Rock Smash

Tournament PlacingsEdit

Alice has entered 2 tournament upto now. The ranking she got are like this: 

  • Normal Tournament - Top 16
  • Fighting Tournament - Top 34


  • She is based on the Lady Trainer Class from the Pokemon games. 
  • She is the first opponent Aki faced in an official Pokemon match in the story.
    • She is also the first Trainer Aki faced in a tournament.