Mr. Psychic
20110220225841!HeartGold SoulSilver Bruno
Age Around 40
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Region Kanto
Trainer Class Elite Four
Specializes in Fighting types
Debuted in Fight till the End!

Bruno is a Master Fighting-type Trainer and a member of the Elite Four of Kanto and Johto. He specializes in Fighting-type Pokemon and enters PWC Fighting tournaments. 


Bruno debuted in Fight till the End! He entered the Fighting tournament with his Machamp and his first opponent was a Blackbelt and his Primeape. His Machamp easily managed to defeat Primeape. After the battle, Bruno simply recalled his Pokemon and left the arena. 

He later appeared in An Elite Showdown! when he battled Korrina in the quarterfinals. He had tough time defeating Korrina and her Hawlucha who had the upperhand at the beginning. But Bruno's Machamp managed to weaken Hawlucha with his Quadruple Combo Punch technique and finished the battle with Cross Chop, allowing Bruno to advance to the semifinals. 

He later battled Mr. Psychic in the semifinal round in It's all about Elites! He once again had a tough time defeating Mr. Psychic and but managed to win in the end. After the battle, Bruno asked Mr. Psychic if there was any problem to which he replied no. They then exchanged handshakes before leaving the arena. 


250xBruno Machamp
Machamp  ♂ 

Main article: Bruno's Machamp

Machamp is Bruno's only known and most powerful Pokemon. Bruno uses him in almost all of his battles. Machamp knows a variety of moves and uses all four of his arms to do his special Quadruple Combo Punch. He has, so far, won all the battles he has been part of. 

Debut Fight till the End! Moves known Vital Throw, Karate Chop, Revenge, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Focus Punch, Cross Chop

Tournament PlacingsEdit

Bruno enters the Fighting Tournaments. He has, so far, entered two of them. 

  • 1st Fighting Tournament - Runner up
  • 2nd Fighting Tournament - Winner


Opponent Outcome Battle Style Chapter Notes
Unknown Blackbelt Win 1-on-1 Fight till the End! Fighting Tournament
Korrina Win 1-on-1 An Elite Showdown! Fighting Tournament
Mr. Psychic Win 1-on-1 It's all about Elites! Fighting Tournament
Marshal Win 1-on-1 It's all about Elites! Fighting Tournament


  • In his first appearance, Bruno appeared cold and silent. But in his following appearances, he was energetic and full of spirit.