Cheren face

Age 17
Eye Color Blue
Hair color Black

Nuvema Town (birthtown)

Aspertia City (resides)

Region Unova
Trainer class

Gym Leader

Trainer (formerly)

Debut Slow as a Slaking!

Cheren is the Gym Leader of Aspertia Gym in Unova. He used to be a Trainer before becoming a Gym Leader and is an expert in Normal-type Pokemon and used to participate in Normal Tournaments. 


Cheren first appeared in Slow as a Slaking! where he defeated Lenora after a tough battle in the semi-finals of the Normal Tournament, advancing him to the finals. 

In The Togekiss of Life!, he defeated a trainer's Furret with his Stoutland in a training battle. He then recognized Aki in the crowd watching his battle. He reaveled that he knew him from Aspertia City. He also battled Aki in a unofficial battle. Aki's newly obtained Togekiss proved to be strong against Stoutland and even stronger after she learned Aura Sphere. Lenora then appeared and called off the battle, saying that the real battle is in the final round of the tournament. 

He later battled Aki in the final round of the Normal Tournament. His Cinccino easily fell against Aipom who was then defeated by Cheren's Lillipup. Lillipup then tied against Flame, leaving him and Aki with 1 Pokemon left. Their last Pokemon, Stoutland and Togekiss, fought once again. But this time, Stoutland managed to defeat Togekiss and gave Cheren the victory, making him the winner of the first Normal Tournament. 

800px-Cheren anime

Cheren during his battle against Aki

After the tournament, Cheren went to Nuvema City to visit his family. 


Cheren is very proud and noble. These traits are reflected in his Pokemon also. He mainly tries to take out his opponent's Pokemon with powerful moves such as Giga Impact, Focus Blast etc. 

His team mainly consists of Normal-type Pokemon. This is his currently known Pokemon: 


Main article: Cheren's Stoutland

Stoutland is Cheren's main Pokemon. It was used in numerous battles including the battles against Lenora, Aki etc. It is shown to be powerful as it gave the victory to Cheren in these battles. 

Debut Slow as a Slaking! Moves known Crunch, Giga Impact, Thunder Fang
Cinccino was the first Pokemon used in the final round battle against Aki. She battled Aipom. She proved to be powerful with her Focus Blast and Aipom's Attract failed since she is also a girl. She was then defeated after a clash of her Focus Blast and Aipom's Focus Punch. 
Debut The Togekiss of Life! Moves known Focus Blast, Double Team, Bullet Seed

Lillipup was the second Pokemon used against Aki in the final round. It proved to be powerful as it easily defeated Aipom with a single Giga Impact. It then battled Flame. Lillipup was burned by Flame's Ember. Lillipup then defeated Flame with a Giga Impact before being knocked out due to burn, making it a draw. 

Debut The Togekiss of Life! Moves known Giga Impact, Take Down, Leer

Tournament PlacingsEdit

Cheren has entered only 1 tournament upto now. The ranking he got are like this: 

  • Normal Tournament - Winner


This is a list of battles Cheren had: 

Opponent Outcome Battle Style Chapter Notes
Lenora Win 3-on-3 Slow as a Slaking! Normal Tournament
Unknown Trainer Win 1-on-1 The Togekiss of Life! Unofficial
Aki Called off 1-on-1 The Togekiss of Life! Unofficial
Aki Win 3-on-3 The Togekiss of Life! Normal Tournament


  • Cheren seems to know Aki well since they both live in Aspertia City.