Cheren's Stoutland
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Debuts in Slow as a Slaking!
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Cheren


This Pokemon is fully evolved.

Cheren's Stoutland is Cheren's main Pokemon. He also uses it in gym battles. 


Stoutland debuted in Slow as a Slaking! where it defeated Lenora's Watchog after a tough battle, advancing Cheren to the finals. 

It later appeared in The Togekiss of Life! where it defeated a trainer's Furret during a training battle. It then battled Aki's newly obtained Togekiss in an unofficial battle. It's attacks were easily blocked by Togekiss and it was hit by a super-effective Aura Sphere. 

It later faced Togekiss in the same episode in the finals when Aki and Cheren were down to their last Pokemon. The battle was continued in the Raining Cats and Stoutlands! The battle was much like the battle they had before. After a few exchanges of attacks, both Pokemon were worn down. In a final clash of combo attacks, Togekiss fell down which made Cheren the winner of the battle. 

After the tournament, it left with Cheren to Nuvema Town. 


Like its Trainer, Stoutland is shown to prideful and noble. It is powerful yet rash in battle. 

It's main finishing move is either using a powerful Giga Impact or by using Thunder Fang. In the Thunder Fang finisher, it bites the foe with Thunder Fang and then jumps up and throws it down, crashing the foe in to the ground. This does not work on flying enemies such as Aki's Togekiss who easily dodges the move by flying up. 

Moves usedEdit

Moves  First Used In
Crunch Slow as a Slaking!
Giga Impact  Slow as a Slaking!
Thunder Fang  The Togekiss of Life!
Work Up Raining Cats and Stoutlands!
200px-Stoutland Thunder Fang
Using Thunder Fang
 shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves. 

Moves improvisedEdit

  • Boosted Giga Impact was used in Raining Cats and Stoutlands! After using Work Up to boost its powers in a quick moment, Stoutland uses a extremely boosted Giga Impact. It was used to defeat Togekiss in the final round battle. 


  • Stoutland appears in the games as Cheren's high-leveled Pokemon.