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Flame2 small1
Debuts in The Journey Begins!
Caught at Unknown
Gender Male
Ability Unknown
Current location With Aki

This Pokemon has not evolved. 

Flame is the first Aki obtained. He is a young Charmander who has been with Aki since childhood. He is also Aki's best friend. 

Flame's most notable feature is the blue bandage on its forehead. 



Flame debuted in The Journey Begins!, watching the opening ceremony of Pokemon World Type Tournament along Aki and his mom. Inspired by the opening ceremony, Aki and Flame decided to enter the tournament. For that, they left Aspertia City and went to Nuvema Town so that Aki can get his own Pokedex from Prof. Juniper. After getting the Pokedex, Aki and Flame
went to Unova by taking a flight to Saffron City in Kanto from Mistralton City. 


While traveling through Route 6 to get to Vermillion City where the first tournament is going to be held, Aki and Flame saw a weak Charmander being tortured by a mysterious Trainer named Z and his Deino. Trying to save the Charmander, Flame fought Deino but lost. After that, the Charmander decided to join Aki's team. 

Later, Flame defeated Alice's Timburr by incinerating its log and got Aki through the first round of the Normal Tournament. 

In the semifinals, he was chosen to battle Slaking who had defeated Aipom. But Flame was easily defeated by a single Earthquake from Slaking. In the finals round battle against Cheren, he battled and tied with Cheren's Lillipup. 


Flame is Aki's best friend and is extremly loyal to him. Flame and Aki are shown to be in a friends relationship, rather than a Trainer-Pokemon relationship. They are shown to be in complete sync, with Flame using the moves Aki wanted him to without the need of Aki commanding. 

Flame has shown to be quite gluttonous, eating twice his supposed meal when having dinner. His love for food is highlighted in moments when Aki shows him food during battles when he is weak to battle, giving him the spirit to continue the battle. 

Flame has shown to share his Trainer's love for battle. He is willing to take on any opponent, even bigger and powerful ones. He do have shown fear of battling Water-types, fearing that the flame on his tail might get doused by them. 

Moves usedEdit


First used in

Using Focus Punch
Ember A New Friend and a New Enemy!
Scratch A New Friend and a New Enemy!
Incinerate The Normal Tournament Begins!
Bold indicated moves that were recently used by this Pokemon


  • Akhil100 confirmed in Chapter 1 that Flame was inspired by a Deviantart by ichan-desu. 
  • It is unknown how Aki got Flame, since Charmanders are not native to Unova.