200px-Black White Lenora 2

Age 40
Eye Color Blue
Hair color Bluish green

Nuvema Town 

Region Unova
Trainer class

Gym Leader (formerly)

Debut Slow as a Slaking!

Lenora is the former Gym Leader of Nacrene City in Unova. She resigned the title and became the director of Nacrene Museum.

During her time as a Gym Leader, she used to specialize in Normal-type Pokemon. Although she resigned from her Gym Leader title, she enters Normal Tournaments. 


Lenora debuted in Slow as Slaking! She made it to the semi-finals of the first Normal Tournament and was facing Cheren. Both of them were down to their last Pokemon. Although it put a good fight, her Watchog failed to defeat Cheren's Stoutland, lossing the battle for Lenora and eliminating her from the tournament. 

She later appeared in The Togekiss of Life! She was watching the training battle between Aki and Cheren. After a while she interfered the battle and called it off, saying that the real battle was in the finals. She later watched the final round battle between Aki and Cheren. 

Tournament PlacingsEdit

Lenora has entered only 1 tournament upto now. The ranking she got are like this: 

  • 1st Normal Tournament - Top 4
  • 2nd Normal Tournament - Top 4


In battle, Lenora is a hot shot and likes to confuse her opponents with status-ailment moves. 

Lenora watchog1

Watchog is Lenora's main battling Pokemon. It debuted in the battle against Cheren and fought Cheren's Stoutland. Although it put a good fight, Stoutland gained the upper hand in the end. It was finally defeated by a powerful Giga Impact when it was trying to put Stoutland to sleep. 

Debut Slow as a Slaking! Moves known Low Kick, Confuse Ray, Hypnosis


This is a list of battles Lenora has participated in: 

Opponent Outcome Battle Style Chapter Notes
Cheren Loss 3-on-3 Slow as a Slaking! Normal Tournament