Mr. Psychic's Gallade
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Debuts in The Name is Mr Psychic!
Evolves in Prior to The Name is Mr Psychic!
Gender Male
Ability Unknown
Current location With Mr. Psychic


This Pokemon spent an unknown period of time as Ralts and Kirlia

Gallade is Mr. Psychic's main and only known Pokemon. 


Gallade debuted in The Name is Mr Psychic! when his Trainer introduced him to Aki and Flame. He quickly bowed before them and befriended Flame. Mr. Psychic revealed that he got Gallade as a Ralts from one of his friends in Hoenn. It was also revealed that Gallade lost to Z's Deino while trying to stop them from stealing a map, despite being very powerful. 

He made his battling debut in Gotta Beat that Lucario! when he battled Alice's Gurdurr. With Leaf Blade and Fire Punch, Gallade easily weakened Gurdurr. Mr. Psychic then told Gallade to stop the battle, knowing that Gurdurr was heavily injured. He then bowed before Gurdurr and turned away, after which Gurdurr fainted. 

He later battled Riley's Lucario in An Elite Showdown! Although he had trouble with Lucario's speed and power at first, Gallade used a combination of Teleport and Leaf Blade to hit Lucario from behind. But this strategy was stopped when Lucario used his ability to read aura to break through Gallade's teleportation. 

After getting hit by a close-range Aura Sphere, Gallade was heavily injured. But after hearing Mr. Psychic's encouraging words, Gallade quickly got up and attacked Lucario with Zen Headbutt followed by Close Combat. He then used Psycho Cut which was fired right back at him by Lucario's Counter. In the end, Gallade used Stored Power, which was powered by Swords Dance, to create a huge blast that knocked out Lucario. 


Gallade in battle


Like his Trainer, Gallade is shown to be very calm and quite. Like Aki's Sawk, he bows before people and opponents as sign of respect. In battle, he is shown to be powerful and fierce. 



First used in

Gallade Psycho Cut circles

Using Psycho Cut

Leaf Blade Gotta Beat that Lucario!
Fire Punch Gotta Beat that Lucario!
Swords Dance An Elite Showdown!
Teleport An Elite Showdown!
Zen Headbutt An Elite Showdown!
Close Combat An Elite Showdown!
Psycho Cut An Elite Showdown!
Stored Power An Elite Showdown!
Bold indicated moves that were recently used by this Pokemon


  • Gallade's use of Psycho Cut is similar to how Zoey's Gallade uses it in the Pokemon anime. 
  • With 8 moves, Gallade currently knows the most number of moves out of all the Pokemon in the story.