Normal Tournament
City Vermilion
Region Kanto
No. of participants 32
Number of rounds 5
Current Champion Norman

The Normal Tournament is part of the 18 tournaments of PWC. It is held in Vermilion city, Kanto thrice in a month. The tournament takes 6 days to finish. It was the first PWC tournament to start in Kanto and possibly in the entire world. 

Norman from Hoenn is the current champion of the Normal Tournament. 

Known ParticipantsEdit

First TournamentEdit

Trainer Place Pokemon used
Cheren Winner Ani508MS573506
Aki Runner-up Ani004MS flameAni004MSAni190MSAni468MS
Norman Top 4 327288289
Lenora Top 4 5050.png0.png
Whitney Top 8 2410.png0.png
Alice Top 32 520525532

Known WinnersEdit

Trainer Tournaments Won
Cheren 1st tournament
Norman (current Champion) 2nd tournament


  • The Normal Tournament was mentioned by Aki's mom in the first chapter as the first PWC tournament to begin. But this could be not true as almost all the tournaments began at the same time. 
  • The Normal Tournament's trophy features a sleeping Snorlax with an Eevee on top of it's belly.