150px-Ruby Sapphire Norman

Official art by Ken Sugimori from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald

Age 38
Eye Color Black
Hair color Navy

Littleroot Town (reside)

Olivine CIty (birthtown)

Region Hoenn (originally Johto)
Trainer class Gym Leader

Norman is the Gym Leader of Petalburg Gym in Hoenn. He is an expert in Normal-type Pokemon and used to participate in Normal Tournaments. 


Norman first appeared in The Normal Tournament Begins! where he registered for the first Normal Tournament. Before the opening ceremonies, he met up with Aki and gave him some advices. 

It was revealed in the Slow as a Slaking! that he had defeated Whitney from Goldenrod City in Round 2 and had advanced to the semi-finals. In the semi finals, he battled Aki and lost after a tough battle. Aki's Charmander was badly injured in the battle by his Slaking. He later met Aki in the Pokemon Center and gave him some encouragement. 


Norman's battle style mainly concentrates on power. He used his Slaking as a powerhouse and tries to knockout his opponents with 1 attack. These are the Pokemon Norman has on hand: 

99px-327Spinda Dream

Spinda was the first Pokemon Norman used in his battle with Aki. It went up against his Aipom. Although it managed to confuse Aipom, it was quickly defeated by Aipom's Focus Punch. 

It had spots on the tip of its ears, one on its left cheek and one on its forehead. 

Debut Slow as a Slaking! Moves known Rapid Spin, Dizzy Punch
200px-Norman Vigoroth
Vigoroth was the second Pokemon sent against Aki. It battled Aipom who had just defeated Norman's Spinda. It's Focus Punch clashed with Aipom's Focus Punch and both Pokemon was badly injured. But Aipom managed to get up while Vigoroth was knocked out. 
Debut Slow as a Slaking! Moves known Slash, Focus Punch
Norman Slaking

Slaking is Norman's powerhouse and was the last Pokemon sent against Aki. It easily defeated Aipom with a single Blizzard. It then battled Flame and defeated him also with an Earthquake. It then battled Aki's Charmander. It was badly injured by Charmander and healed itself with Rest. It then did serious damage on Charmander with Hammer Arm. But Slaking was defeated when the battlefield crashed from Charmander's numerous Dig attacks. 

Charmander was badly injured in the battle and his left arm was fractured. This made it unable to battle for a few weeks. 

It was later revealed by akhil100 that it was Slaking who defeated Whitney's Miltank. 

Debut Slow as a Slaking! Moves known Blizzard, Earthquake, Rest, Hammer Arm

Tournament PlacingsEdit

Norman has entered only 1 tournament upto now. The ranking he got are like this: 

  • Normal Tournament - Top 4


This is a list of battles Norman had: 

Opponent Outcome Battle Style Chapter Notes
Whitney Win 3-on-3 Off-screen Normal Tournament
Aki Lose 3-on-3 Slow as a Slaking! Normal Tournament


  • Norman is the first Gym Leader Aki defeated.