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The Journey Begins!
Publish dates
FanFiction May 20, 2013

The Journey Begins! is the first chapter in the Pokémon Blaze series. It was published on FanFiction on May 20, 2013 along with PB002 and PB003.

Plot Edit

Aki, a 14-year old boy from Aspertia City in Unova, decides to become a Trainer. The only Pokemon he has is his best friend Flame, a young Charmander. 

To seek his ultimate goal of becoming the greatest Fire-type Trainer, he decides to enter the PWC, a set of 18 tournaments with each tournament specializing in one of the 18 Pokemon types. After getting his mother's approval, he goes to Nuvema Town to get a Pokedex from Prof. Juniper. 

In Nuvema Town, Prof. Juniper gives him a Pokedex, a Fire Stone, a Xtransceiver, some Pokeballs and some good advices. After getting his Trainer License, he goes on his own Pokemon journey to become the world's greatest Fire-type Trainer! 

Major EventsEdit

  • The PWC tournaments begin. 
  • Aki becomes a Trainer and sets out to conquer the PWC tournaments. 
  • Aki decides to go to Kanto first to participate in the tournaments. 


Human Debuts

  • Akhil Blaze
  • Sandra Blaze
  • Prof. Juniper
  • Cynthia
  • Journalist

Pokémon DebutsEdit

  • Charmander



  • Akhil Blaze
  • Sandra Blaze
  • Prof. Juniper
  • Cynthia (on TV)
  • Journalist (on TV)


Pokémon TriviaEdit

"Did you know that Ash was supposed to get a Clefairy as his starter and that Clefairy was supposed to be the mascot of the Pokemon series? It was a last minute switch that made Pikachu the star of the show."


  • This is the only episode of the series in which only Pokémon appeared, in this case, Flame. 

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