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A New Friend and a New Enemy!
Publish dates
FanFiction May 20, 2013

A New Friend and a New Enemy! is the second chapter in the Pokémon Blaze series. It was published on FanFiction on May 20, 2013 along with PB001 and PB003. 

Plot Edit

After reaching Saffron City in the Kanto region by taking a flight trip from Mistralton City, Aki heads to the Pokemon Center. In there, Nurse Joy tells him that the first Normal Tournament is going to be held in Vermilion City. So he and Flame takes Route 6 to Vermilion City. 

In Route 6, Aki sees a mysterious Trainer named Z and his Deino torturing a Charmander in order to catch it. Seeing the Charmander's condition, Aki steps in to protect it. He battle Z and his Deino withh Flame but loses. After the battle, Z leaves. 

Before leaving, Aki offers the Charmander a place in his team which he happily accepts. Aki then catches the Charmander and gets his second Pokemon! 

Major EventsEdit

  • Aki and Flame reaches Saffron City in the Kanto region. 
  • Aki learns that the first Normal Tournament is going to be held in Vermilion City. 
  • Aki meets Z. 
  • Aki battle Z but loses. 
  • Aki catches a Charmander


Human Debuts

  • Nurse Joy
  • Z

Pokémon DebutsEdit

  • Deino




  • Flame
  • Charmander (Aki's; new)
  • Deino (Z's)
  • Chansey (Nurse Joy's)

Pokémon TriviaEdit

"Did you know that Mew was the first Pokemon trademarked? It was trademarked long before the name Pocket Monsters was."


  • The first move used in the series, which is Z's Deino's Dragon Rage, appears in this chapter. 

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