The Pokemon World Championships, commonly refered as PWC, is a set of 18 tournaments that appear in
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Pokemon Blaze. The PWC is held in every 4 years. It is hosted and sponsored by Silph Co. 

Rules and RegulationsEdit

As explained in the first chapter, each tournament may have their own rules and regulations. But the PWC itself has its own rules and regulations which are strict to all 18 tournaments. 

PWTC - Main Rules and Regulations

  • There will be 19 tournaments in total. Each tournament will represent the 18 Pokemon types. 
  • Trainers who win at least 5 tournaments can compete in the final tournament. 
  • Tournaments may have upto 64 competitors each. 
  • Each tournament will be held twice in a month. 
  • Tournaments will be held in the 6 regions, each tournament hosting 3 tournaments. 
  • Trainers competing in the tournament should have at least 1 Pokemon of the type represented by the tournament. For example, in the Normal-type tournament, Trainers should have at least one Normal-type Pokemon. 
  • If the Trainers do not have the needed Pokemon, they can temporarily take Pokemon from the nearby Pokemon Center. These Pokemon should be returned after the tournament. 
  • Trainers should get a PWC Pass from the nearby Pokemon Center before entering. This pass can be used to enter in any of the 17 tournaments. 
  • Before entering each tournament, Trainers should register the Pokemon they will be using in the nearby Pokemon Center. 

PWC Battle StylesEdit

All 17 Tournament will have one battle style. There 6 battle styles in total. Tournaments may share battle styles. Registered Pokemon should be used in all battles during the tournaments. 

The final tournament will be held under all these battle styles. Each round of the final tournament may be under any of these battle styles. The last four battles in the final tournament will be full battles. 

Single BattleEdit

Trainers register 3 Pokemon for the tournaments. Trainers will battle with only one Pokemon sent out at one time. When a Trainer's 3 Pokemon faints, the opposing Trainer wins. The Normal Tournament, Steel Tournament, Fire Tournament, Grass Tournament and Water Tournament are held under this battle style. 

1-on-1 BattleEdit

Trainers register only one Pokemon. Usually, this Pokemon's type should match the tournament's type. On rare occassions, like in the Dragon Tournament, Pokemon's type is not essential. Trainers use this Pokemon in 1-on-1 battles against other competitors. The winning Pokemon and its Trainer advances to the next round. The Fighting Tournament, Bug Tournament, Electric Tournament, Psychic Tournament, Flying Tournament and Dragon Tournament are held under this battle style. 

Double Battle - Same TypeEdit

Trainers registers two Pokemon. All battles in the tournaments will be double battles, meaning that Trainers will send out 2 Pokemon at once. The Poison Tournament and the Ghost Tournament are held under this battle style. 

Double Battle - Quiz QualifierEdit

Like the Same Type style, Trainers registers two Pokemon and battles under the double battle format. But, the Pokemon's type doesn't have to match the Tournament's type. Instead, a quiz about the type will be held before the tournament. The top 16 Trainers in the quiz will be qualified for the tournament. The Ground Tournament and the Ice Tournament are held under this battle style. 

Triple BattleEdit

Trainers register 3 Pokemon with at least one Pokemon's type matching the tournament's type. All battles in the tournaments will be triple battles, meaning that Trainers send out 3 Pokemon at once. The Rock Tournament is the only tournament held under this battle style. 

Tag BattleEdit

Trainers register only 1 Pokemon matching the Trainers will be randomly paired with another for the course of the tournament. Pairs will battle with other pairs in tag battles. The winning pair will battle each other for the title of champion. The losing Trainer of the pair will be declared as runner-up. The Dark Type Tournament is the only type held under this battle style. 


There are 18 tournaments in total. 17 tournaments concentrates on the 17-types of Pokemon. The final and 18th tournament is for Trainers who have won at least 5 tournaments. 

Each tournaments are held twice in a month. So, Trainers can participate in the same tournament more than once. 

No. Tournament Held at Battle Style Winners
1 Normal Tournament Vermillion City, Kanto Single Battle Cheren, Norman (current champion)
2 Fighting Tournament Saffron City, Kanto 1-on-1 Battle Bruno (current champion)
3 Poison Tournament Celadon City. Kanto DB - Same Type
6 Steel Tournament Olivine City, Johto Single Battle
5 Ghost Tournament Ecruteak City, Johto DB - Same Type
4 Bug Tournament Goldenrod City, Johto 1-on-1 Battle
7 Electric Tournament Mauville City, Hoenn 1-on-1 Battle
8 Ground Tournament Lilycove City, Hoenn DB - Quiz Qualifier
9 Rock Tournament Rustboro City, Hoenn Triple Battle
10 Ice Tournament Veilstone City, Sinnoh DB - Quiz Qualifier
11 Psychic Tournament Hearthome City, Sinnoh 1-on-1 Battle
12 Flying Tournament Jubilife City, Sinnoh 1-on-1 Battle
13 Fire Tournament Nimbasa City, Unova Single Battle
14 Grass Tournament Castelia City, Unova Single Battle
15 Water Tournament Driftveil City, Unova Single Battle
16 Dark Tournament Shalour City, Kalos Tag Battle
17 Dragon Tournament Lumoise City, Kalos 1-on-1 Battle
18 Fairy Tournament Laverre City, Kalos 1-on-1 Battle
19 Champions Tournament Kalos Any


  • It was first named Pokemon World Type Tournaments (PWTT), then changed to Pokemon World Type Championship (PWTC), before fixing Pokemon World Championships (PWC). 
  • The PWC can be seen parallel to the real-life FIFA World Cup and Olympics, which are also tournaments held once in 4 years with countries from across the world partcipating. 
  • Champions are not allowed to participate in the tournaments.
    • However, the Trainer who wins the final tournament can officially battle the Champions if he/she wishes.